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S1 Empty Lands Project – Help!!!

Firstly, if you have any specific questions, either ask Miss A, Miss Greenhorn or Mr Strong.  OR, if you are at home you can submit a question as a ‘comment’ on this post and I will answer it as quickly as possible. Your comments will be e-mailed directly to me (Miss Alexander) and I will try my best to help you. It might take a while so be patient.

 Useful Websites 8)

Basic facts on EVERY country, try the CIA World Factbook. Click on the pic….

CLIMATE GRAPHS – Remember you should draw your own graph! To do this you will need information on Temperature and Rainfall for a whole year. Here’s how you do it….

Step One: Find out the name of a big city in your chosen country (E.g. for Brazil, it could be Sao Paulo)

Step Two: Click this link for the World Climate Website.

Step Three: Type in the name of the city and press ‘search’.

Step Four: The info you need is under ’24 hr Average Temperature’ and ‘Average Rainfall’

Step Five: Remember you are looking at oC for temperature (not oF) and mm for rainfall (not inches).

Step Six: Use the yearly data to draw a climate graph!!! Simple….

TIP – Use the graph in your jotter to help you (it is the same graph type – just different numbers)

TIP 2 – Remember. Temperature =Line Graph. Rainfall = Bar Graph.

Good Luck 🙂


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S1 Farming Homework – Japan

Your task is to write a report on Japanese farming.  Here’s a bit of help…   8)

Your report should answer these questions

1. What are some problems with farming in Japan? (e.g. lack of space to farm, profits falling, climate, hard work, second jobs for farmers, young people not wanting to go into farming)

*Japan’s weekend (!) rice farmers….. CLICK HERE

*Some more problems with Japanese farming – CLICK HERE

2. What will Japanese farming be like in the future?  (This section should focus on ‘Hydroponics’- What is hydroponics?  Is it a good or bad thing? Or both?)

*What is Hydroponics? – CLICK HERE   😉

*Have a look at this crazy story about a rice field built in the basement of an office block  (Click the picture)

*….AND watch the video HERE

Finally…GOOD LUCK…any questions? Just see me in G20 or comment on the site  😉

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