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Kobe Earthquake – homework help

To my first years (not for much longer 😦 ) 

Here is the help I promised you for writing a newspaper report on the Kobe earthquake in Japan…..

7F – Yours is due next Friday 30th May (sorry but activities day is the following Tuesday so I had to bring it forward!)

1F – Yours is due next Thursday 29th May

This website will help you with writing your newspaper report – click HERE 8)

This is the clip we watched in class

And…another……this video shows CCTC form the REAL earthquake – it lets you see how strong 7.2 reallly is on the Richter Scale.  PLEASE have a quick look at this clip 8)

Anothe one HERE….and HERE…last one I promise!


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China earthquake – AFTERSHOCKS

USGS website – you can see a record of the world’s most recent Earthquakes

(click logo)    

* Notice China were still having aftershocks today (16th May) – 4 days after the major quake !!!

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China Earthquake

When?      12th May 2008  –  6:28am

Where?  China  (Sichuan province)

How many killed?   22,069 deaths confirmed so far. It is feared 50,000 may be dead.

Homeless? 5 million people

There are so many links to read about this natural disaster.  Here are a few…

  • An entire town was destroyed leaving behind a ghost town.  Dead bodies lie on the streets waiting to be identified.        CLICK HERE
  • Video of the moment the Earthquake hit CLICK HERE
  • Soldiers try to fix cracks in a Dam to save people from being flooded WATCH

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