China earthquake – AFTERSHOCKS

USGS website – you can see a record of the world’s most recent Earthquakes

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* Notice China were still having aftershocks today (16th May) – 4 days after the major quake !!!


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China Earthquake

When?      12th May 2008  –  6:28am

Where?  China  (Sichuan province)

How many killed?   22,069 deaths confirmed so far. It is feared 50,000 may be dead.

Homeless? 5 million people

There are so many links to read about this natural disaster.  Here are a few…

  • An entire town was destroyed leaving behind a ghost town.  Dead bodies lie on the streets waiting to be identified.        CLICK HERE
  • Video of the moment the Earthquake hit CLICK HERE
  • Soldiers try to fix cracks in a Dam to save people from being flooded WATCH

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Morning 8.30am v Friday 3.20pm

Just a little lighthearted video for you to cheer you up! Maybe the Polar Bears feel like this every day in the Tundra? (Remember, no penguins in the Tundra, they are only found below the equator) 🙂

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Water Cycle Song – you know you love it!

Some find it annoying…some find it fun…. either way it DOES help you remember your cloud types and what they look like

STRATUS – blanket of grey



CIRRUS – horses tail



 CUMULUS – cauliflower



 Listen, learn and remember….!!!!

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Around Tokyo the trains can be soooo busy! This is because a lot of people in Japan commute (travel) to work…watch and see…

The train guards aren’t being nasty, they are just trying to get as many people to work on time as they can! 8)


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Hi-Tech Bicycle Garage

Since you are doing your own Japanese inventions – check this one out.. 😉

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Ice-Cream Hotdogs ???

The Japanese are famous for their unusual food combinations! Check out this link (click picture) for the latest ‘tasty’ Japanese treats..

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