This blog was developed by Forres Academy Geography Department.  It is intended to help our S1 and S2 pupils with the Geography course.  Also we hope that this blog will show you what a brilliant subject Geography really is!! 8)

Miss Alexander, the late Mrs Ferguson 😉  and

Mr Strong


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  1. 1

    Hannah rossiter said,

    Hi Miss Alexander

    I think the Blogs are a really good idea , and fun.

    Where is the song about the countries (it might help me XD ) ????

    Thanks again for setting this up

    Hannah ;]

  2. 2

    Miss A said,

    Yeah – we need a ‘capitals’ song for you Hannah. Will let you know if i find one….!

    Miss Alexander

  3. 3

    Hiyah…………. :L

    How are y’all?? 😀

    i love Geography…………what about you?? 😛

    have a banana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮

    Can i say one thing?? (Please) I prefere you as Miss Mckernie!? <— Not too sure how to spell 🙂

    anyway Have a good day =]

    WE LOVE YOU!! :L Sam Fraser of 3B2 [&&] Steffi Hudson of 3D2

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