S1 Empty Lands Project – Help!!!

Firstly, if you have any specific questions, either ask Miss A, Miss Greenhorn or Mr Strong.  OR, if you are at home you can submit a question as a ‘comment’ on this post and I will answer it as quickly as possible. Your comments will be e-mailed directly to me (Miss Alexander) and I will try my best to help you. It might take a while so be patient.

 Useful Websites 8)

Basic facts on EVERY country, try the CIA World Factbook. Click on the pic….

CLIMATE GRAPHS – Remember you should draw your own graph! To do this you will need information on Temperature and Rainfall for a whole year. Here’s how you do it….

Step One: Find out the name of a big city in your chosen country (E.g. for Brazil, it could be Sao Paulo)

Step Two: Click this link for the World Climate Website.

Step Three: Type in the name of the city and press ‘search’.

Step Four: The info you need is under ’24 hr Average Temperature’ and ‘Average Rainfall’

Step Five: Remember you are looking at oC for temperature (not oF) and mm for rainfall (not inches).

Step Six: Use the yearly data to draw a climate graph!!! Simple….

TIP – Use the graph in your jotter to help you (it is the same graph type – just different numbers)

TIP 2 – Remember. Temperature =Line Graph. Rainfall = Bar Graph.

Good Luck 🙂


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