Japan Test – What do you need to know?

Hello to our new S2 pupils! In preparation for the Japan test, here is a summary of what you need to know..

1. Map of Japan – What are the main islands, cities, seas, oceans and mountains?

2. Farming – what size are Japanese farms? what problems are there? what is hydroponics?

3. Industry – what are names of Japanese companies e.g. Honda….click HERE

                  -what things do we use which come from Japan e.g. TVs, Kettles.

                  -industries are located on the coast and near cities – why?

                  -how do the Japanese stay ahead of their competitors?

4. Problems – what problems has Japan overcome to be successful? e.g. typhoons, earthquakes, WWII.

5. Energy – what is Japan’s main type of energy? is nuclear power good or bad? where are nuclear power stations found? why does Japan use less fossil fuel than before?

Finally…..good luck!!!!! 😉



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