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S1 Farming Homework – Japan

Your task is to write a report on Japanese farming.  Here’s a bit of help…   8)

Your report should answer these questions

1. What are some problems with farming in Japan? (e.g. lack of space to farm, profits falling, climate, hard work, second jobs for farmers, young people not wanting to go into farming)

*Japan’s weekend (!) rice farmers….. CLICK HERE

*Some more problems with Japanese farming – CLICK HERE

2. What will Japanese farming be like in the future?  (This section should focus on ‘Hydroponics’- What is hydroponics?  Is it a good or bad thing? Or both?)

*What is Hydroponics? – CLICK HERE   😉

*Have a look at this crazy story about a rice field built in the basement of an office block  (Click the picture)

*….AND watch the video HERE

Finally…GOOD LUCK…any questions? Just see me in G20 or comment on the site  😉


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Kobe Earthquake – homework help

To my first years (not for much longer 😦 ) 

Here is the help I promised you for writing a newspaper report on the Kobe earthquake in Japan…..

7F – Yours is due next Friday 30th May (sorry but activities day is the following Tuesday so I had to bring it forward!)

1F – Yours is due next Thursday 29th May

This website will help you with writing your newspaper report – click HERE 8)

This is the clip we watched in class

And…another……this video shows CCTC form the REAL earthquake – it lets you see how strong 7.2 reallly is on the Richter Scale.  PLEASE have a quick look at this clip 8)

Anothe one HERE….and HERE…last one I promise!

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Japanese Cigarette Machines

Click the picture to read about the latest in Japanese technology (you have to be 20 to buy cigarettes in Japan) 🙂


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China earthquake – AFTERSHOCKS

USGS website – you can see a record of the world’s most recent Earthquakes

(click logo)    

* Notice China were still having aftershocks today (16th May) – 4 days after the major quake !!!

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China Earthquake

When?      12th May 2008  –  6:28am

Where?  China  (Sichuan province)

How many killed?   22,069 deaths confirmed so far. It is feared 50,000 may be dead.

Homeless? 5 million people

There are so many links to read about this natural disaster.  Here are a few…

  • An entire town was destroyed leaving behind a ghost town.  Dead bodies lie on the streets waiting to be identified.        CLICK HERE
  • Video of the moment the Earthquake hit CLICK HERE
  • Soldiers try to fix cracks in a Dam to save people from being flooded WATCH

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Morning 8.30am v Friday 3.20pm

Just a little lighthearted video for you to cheer you up! Maybe the Polar Bears feel like this every day in the Tundra? (Remember, no penguins in the Tundra, they are only found below the equator) 🙂

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Water Cycle Song – you know you love it!

Some find it annoying…some find it fun…. either way it DOES help you remember your cloud types and what they look like

STRATUS – blanket of grey



CIRRUS – horses tail



 CUMULUS – cauliflower



 Listen, learn and remember….!!!!

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